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Foñi NAM calls for immediate release of ‘Baitullah’


By Omar Bah

The National Assembly Member for Foñi Kansala, Almameh Gibba, has confirmed the arrest of Omar Sanneh, alias Baitullah, to The Standard yesterday, and called for his immediate, unconditional release.

Sanneh better known by his moniker ‘Baitullah’, is a rabid supporter of the APRC and infamous for his regular WhatsApp rants in which he comes down like a tonne of bricks on anyone opposed to his socio-political views. He has been living in a village in the Casamance, where he was reportedly arrested.

Reacting to the news, NAM Gibba said the Senegalese authorities should immediately release him or take him before a court of law.

“We urge The Gambia government to immediately engage their Senegalese counterparts to seek for his release or demand that he be taken to court,” he said.

Gibba said Baitullah’s family wants to know his exact whereabouts because the first information they received was that he was initially detained at Ziguinchor but were later informed that he was in Dakar.

“We are concerned about his arrest and we want to urge the Senegalese authorities to, in the spirit of brotherhood, tell us why he was arrested and who is behind it or else we will consider his detention a kidnapping,” he said.

Gibba also accused the IGP and interior minister of deploying scores of paramilitary police in Bwiam in response to an audio calling on the people of Foñi to demonstrate over the arrest of Baitullah and the continuous marginalisation of the area.   

“This government should stop intimidating the people of Foñi for crying out loud or else there could be serious consequences,” he posited.

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