Former NRP spokesperson to form party


By Amadou Jadama

Pateh Baldeh, a former spokesperson of the National Reconciliation Party, has announced that he will form his own political party.

Baldeh, a long-time member of the NRP, broke ranks with the party to contest last month’s parliamentary elections as an independent candidate in Jarra East, which was won by the NPP.


Asked how serious he is about this idea, Mr Baldeh said this is not a dream but a practical step. “I have already started work and have assigned people who are currently sounding out the opinions of people on the matter. My political party will be a party of difference because I have worked with many political parties in the country directly or indirectly,” Baldeh said.

He added that he wants a party which would promote real democracy from within and not a system where one is limited in roles because of the party leader.

”I will never work for any politician in this country now,” Baldeh, a native of Dongoro-Ding told The Standard.