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Foundation remembers high schools’ janitors’ children

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By Kaddy Jawo

EUODOO Foundation has remembered the children of janitors who work at Gambia Senior Secondary School and Gambia Methodist Academy, donating them over D40,000 to start off the new academic year.
A total of thirteen pupils, seven of whom are children of janitors at Gambia Methodist Academy and six others from Gambia SSS benefitted from the gesture.
The EUODOO Foundation is the brain-child of Solomon Palmer and Ms Sikiratu Kamara, Sierra Leoneans residing in the United States of America.
Mr Palmer is an ex-student of Gambia Methodist Academy, and his dream was to help the children to get quality education and a good family life.
As a result, he has teamed up with Ms Kamara and other friends in the United States, forming and registering the foundation.
Speaking on behalf of the philanthropists, EUODOO coordinator and Gambia Methodist Academy principal, Hannah Harding, thanked the foundation and urged the pupils to “study harder to keep the sponsorship alive”.
Harding advised parents of the children to continue encouraging their offspring to do well at school.
“We have all seen the importance of education, and it is because of education that is why he is able to help other children too to excel in life.
“You have to work very hard so that you in turn can help those in need, and there is no substitution to hard work and pupils should not to take this initiative for granted,” she emphasised.
The parents thanked the foundation for its “wonderful benevolence”.

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