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APRC needs critical evaluation

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By Lamin Cham

Foday Chorr, a member of the opposition APRC UK branch has called for the party to look at its constitution to critically evaluate its fitness for purpose in the current political situation.

Writing on his Facebook page on the state of the party in the new dispensation, Mr Chorr said the question that must first be asked is whether the APRC’s constitution allows for the effective running of the party in opposition. “If not, what obstacles are being faced by the confines of the constitution in its current state? Are these preventing the party from achieving its current aims and objectives? The constitution states that proposals for amendments must go to congress. There may therefore be a need to organise an emergency National Congress, to allow for changes to be proposed through motions,” observed.

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Party policies
Mr Chorr further asked what decisions were made about the direction of the party and its aims and objectives in the last congress. “What evidence is available that outlines the APRC’s position on issues such as education, health, infrastructure, rule of law, etc, either written or auditory sound-bites? How can we build on these? How do they compare with the achievements (or failures) of Barrow’s administration,” he asked.
According to Mr Chorr, the APRC must first work and know the key criticisms and arguments against President Barrow’s policies or political decisions to date, in terms of socio-economic flaws or failings. “The party needs to be releasing regular statements to challenge the Barrow administration. How is information being disseminated to members, and how are members’ voices being heard by the executive? National Executive members need to be an effective channel of two-way communication, by promoting regular branch meetings.
“We must also make full use of cost effective means to disseminate information on a regular basis, for example through Facebook,” Mr Chorr concluded.

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