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Barrow still reviewing Janneh Commission report

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By Alagie Manneh

The director of press and public relations at the presidency told journalists yesterday that the reason nothing has been heard of the report of the Janneh Commission is because President Barrow is still reviewing it.
“The president is reviewing the report of the Janneh Commission in conjunction with the technical people that are involved to ensure that the recommendations of the report are known and understood. It will be public information – that is the decision that is going to be taken,” she said.

On the position of the president on the Coalition MoU following the recent meeting by coalition stakeholders Amie Bojang-Sissoho noted: “As far as I know, the president acknowledges that there was an MoU that was not signed but it was campaigned under the issue of three years… It [the recommendation] has indicated a lot of other areas of governance relating to the commissions we are talking about right now to make sure that there is institutional and security sector reform. All these are part of what the MoU wanted.

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The spirit is to ensure that in the governance of the transition period we have institutional reforms, we have the issues of the commissions that would make sure that we have accountable and transparent institutions as well as reforming the security sector. This is why you have all these commissions coming up to ensure that the desire of the people would be maintained, and this is the position of the president – to ensure that what we have aimed for the change to take place.”
She announced that President Barrow will attend the 14th session of the OIC summit scheduled for 31 May to 1 June in Saudi Arabia.

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