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Gen Bojang explains meeting President Barrow

Gen Bojang explains meeting President Barrow

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By Omar Bah

Gen Lamin Bojang, the flag-bearer of the Alliance for National Re-orientation and Development, ANRD, who was spotted at State House yesterday, has confirmed that he was there at the invitation of President Adama Barrow.

The visit by Bojang, who submitted his nomination papers last Sunday, generated speculation with some concluding that he was there to discuss an alliance with President Barrow’s NPP.

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But speaking to The Standard yesterday evening hours after a meeting with Barrow, Gen Bojang stated: “I was called by the president. If I was hiding something, I would not have gone to the State House during the day.  So it was a normal visit like all political parties are doing now canvassing for support.

“We are not closing our doors and if any party calls me tonight or tomorrow, I will go and answer to them. Since our nomination, many parties have contacted us. If there is an agreement or anything, we will come out and inform the public about it through the media.”

Asked whether the president has extended hand to him for an alliance, Gen Bojang simply responded: “If I discussed something in camera and we agreed that it should be left there, it should be left there. This is my freedom. And if any other political party wants to engage us in any discussion, we are at liberty to do that and I am not doing this at my own will but in consultation with the people I am leading.”

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Gen Bojang said his team has met with Mamma Kandeh, NPP and Sheikh Tijan Hydara of Ganu.

He said his party has already sent a very strong message that it is committed to contest the December election.

“It is okay for parties to ally after nomination but as far as we are concerned, we are determined to contest the election,” he said.

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