Gambia sign up on Africa free trade area


The Gambia is among some 44 African countries who have signed an agreement establishing what they say will be the world’s largest free trade area, the AU says.
Afrcan heads of state signed the legal instruments of the African Continental Free Trade Area, the Kigali Protocol and Free Movement Protocol at a summit in Rwanda.

Countries that have signed, have up to 160 days to ratify the agreement while those that haven’t signed at the Kigali meeting can still sign within the 160 days.
Rwanda’s president, Paul Kagame, said at the signing ceremony: “This is not just a signing ceremony. Today’s deliberations are critically important as we chart the next steps on our journey toward the Africa we want.

The promise of free trade and free movement is prosperity for all Africans, because we are prioritising the production of value-added goods and services that are ‘Made in Africa’. The advantages we gain by creating one African market will also benefit our trading partners around the world, and that is a good thing.”