Gambian girl spotted in Kenya searching for mother


By Omar Bah

A Gambian girl, who claimed to be from Brikama, Fanta Jallow, is currently in Kenya in search of her mother whom she said is a Kenyan.

“I was told that my mother, a Kenyan, got married to my father, a Gambian in Germany, and then when my father was coming back to The Gambia, they came together but later my father left for the US and left my mother behind. I was told that because she was pregnant with me, it was not proper for them to leave her in Germany to deliver there because they had the impression that children born in Europe are normally not properly brought up. It was because of the pregnancy that they convinced her to come to The Gambia so that they will not lose their daughter. I also feel being a victim. When I see people with their mothers, it is a bit emotional for me. We all know the love of our mothers. To grow without a mother is hard – it is the hardest thing in life,” an emotional Ms Jallow told a Kenyan NTV station. She said she intends to stay in Kenya for two months and would do more media interviews around the country in search of her mum.


Fanta explained that after she was born, her mother because of the hardship she was facing in The Gambia, left. “Anytime I ask my father about my mother, he would tell me he does not want to talk about it. The first thing I will do when I meet my mum is to run and hug her and tell her how much I miss her and how much I love her. How I had wished for the day to come,” she said.