Gamcotrap sensitises communities on FGM


Dr Isatou Touray, the executive director of Gamcotrap called on women to desist from all harmful practices to the human body describing it as a ‘human rights violation’.

The overriding objective of  Gamcotrap, she said, is to help women and children know their rights better while demystifying issues around FGM, vis-a-vis tradition and religion. 

She added: “There are many challenges women are faced with because of their vulnerability and lack of awareness on their rights. Women are left behind in different aspects. Even though women have the privilege, knowledge and opportunity, they (men) think women shouldn’t take part in leadership roles and to some extent their rights are violated because they are not aware and educated.


“There is no surah, verse or chapter which states that FGM should be a practice. He [Allah] talks in different ways, so He does not make any difference as to whether this is for only women or men but made everything equal for all His and assured creatures.” 

The Seyfo of Sohm village, Alhaji Basiru Badjie welcomed the participants, while thanking Gamcotrap for such an initiative by bringing women together to discuss issues pertinent to their well-being and educating them on their fundamental rights and health. He urged participants to take the training seriously by fully participating and seeking clarification issues.

Alkalo of Sohm, Lamin Jarju  spoke of his personal benefit from several Gamcotrap training programmes. This, he said, has immensely enhanced his awareness quotient about the rights of women and children.

Amie Bojang Sissoho of Gamcotrap, in her submission spoke of numerous  international legal  instruments on the rights of women to which The Gambia is a signatory.

“Women should educate themselves and there are laws that are put in place to safeguard the rights of children. The law has stated that any person below the age of eighteen should not get married or be forced to get married. If done that person has to face the charge,” she argued.