Mr Ralph Matta, Gampetroleum logistics manager, stated: “Tomorrow, everyone will have fuel. You can go to any station tomorrow and you will have fuel.”

Asked to explain whether it was a delay in the arrival of the supplies or whether it was something else that brought about the dry pumping station, Mr Matta said he was not at liberty to comment on that. “I am not the right person to speak about that,” he said, referring us to Mr Manhal Oueidat.  Mr Oueidat, who was not in office at the time, could not be reached for further comments up to the time of going to press yesterday.  

Mr Modou Panneh, downstream manager of the national petroleum retailing company, GNPC, told The Standard that there is a general fuel shortage in town. “As far as I know, there is general fuel shortage in town. That is why our stations got closed,” he said, when contacted yesterday to shed light on why there was no business at their stations.


Mr Mama Tambia Jammeh, of GNPC said: “As at now, we are like all other oil marketing companies (OMCs) in The Gambia. We all buy from Gampetroleum at the Mandinari depot. However, we can only buy when the fuel is available.”


Author: Sanna Camara