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The illusion of our civilisation

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The result, of course is a society which pursues happiness with great technical brilliance but which puzzles over spiraling rates of suicide, drug abuse, failed relationships, and ever more aberrant forms of self mutilation. It is a society in denial, a society in pain.” – Dr Abdal Hakim Winter.

Welcome to the 21st century. The century of leaps and bounds into human development and technological achievements, unprecedented in the history of mankind. Ours is a time of plentitude and abundance, a time of easy access to everything. Have you ever taken time and wondered how blessed our time is and how easy and accessible everything has become? To take time and inwardly pay homage to the creative souls who made these amenities possible? We rarely do that right? Because we are too busy reveling in the joys of the great illusion. The illusion of our advancement, the illusion of our enlightenment, and most of all the illusion of our civilisation which has eluded us so much we have thrown the sacred outside the window and the inspiration within us in the dustbin. Perhaps for the first time, most of the human race felt the need to just treat anything sacred or of spirit and meaning as mere superstition. To finally say loudly without an iota of a doubt, and with Nietzschian arrogance “God is dead. Yes we killed him.” Yes we have reached that point or better still way farther from that point. 

Are you surprised when homosexuality is seen as a lifestyle choice, which in less than two decades ago, was a registered disease and mental problem?  The fact that a disease can be turned into a healthy lifestyle choice, that millions are spent to promote, only shows the diseased nature of our godless civilisation. But why does this happen? Why do men after claiming great advancement in the material realm, stoop so low? Here let me try to answer that through some of my own terms and observations.

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The human being according to the teachings handed down upon us from the divine source is created in the image of His Lord. He was fashioned in the best of forms and then sent down upon earth to be a vicegerent and representative of God. Understanding that God has already instilled in him a spirit that is cognizant of its divine origin. It so happens that after living in this abode for a time that he slowly started alienating from his innate disposition and spirit. So God sent people, very special people, chosen by Him to reorient man and remind him of his origin and that he was sent here to manifest a divine mission and enact a divine truth. Many rebelled and a few believed in these sent ones. As always those who rebelled tried to come up with ideologies, arguments and flawed ways of living that are not aligned to their true nature which ultimately found great following in the times we dwell in; a lifestyle fashioned according to the needs of the ego and the impulses of the lower self. 

Various philosophies and ideologies were projected, in the various epochs of the human experience during the last few centuries. And one by one, they all represent ever so subtly the ego and its various manifestations. Communism, Socialism, Humanism etc. They all have been tried and tested by time itself and failed woefully. They have tried to reinvent themselves in a vmyriad of ways but always ended up propelling the bestial qualities of men. The former Soviet Union is perhaps one of the prime examples of a nation that suffered under the yoke of one of these egoistic ideologies. A nation whose radicals believed they can take upon themselves to lead a society devoid of the sacred in all forms, and then to no one’s surprise, ended up in the greatest catastrophes of our time.

The modern fall of humanity then revisited and the illusion set straight before our eyes. For more than reading these words, we see with our own eyes the destruction of our world. The climate change being one of the many issues. But, wait what is even causing all these environmental pollutions? The answer is very simple: the outward pollution of our world is in fact showing us the inward pollution of our spirits and souls. The dark shade of an unrelenting appetite to satisfy our ever growing ego has catapulted like never before corporate greed to new heights and in so doing built an industry that is at best self destructive, more like the animal that devours its own tail. Leaving that aside and seeing the unhealthy food products we daily consume. The most dangerous ones being the cheap ones sent over to us in the third world and we can go on to recount these destructive products produced by these insatiable corporations. In a nutshell we live within a civilisation that is a forerunner to an impending apocalypse. An apocalypse of the disillusion of the human spirit itself, caused by greed and ego worship.

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I know you’re asking yourself the solution to it all. Thinking perhaps I’ll only condemn and rant about the system and leave you in the muddle to go figure for yourself. No I’ll grant you something to reflect upon at your own time.

 Isn’t it always simple when we return once more to the most profound teachings at the core of which is a mercy and benevolence for life. A sacred civilisation that values the life, wealth and dignity of the human being. Yet before all that, we need to look deep within and ask whether we are satisfied with the way things are, because so many times we are so caught in the matrix, we either think it’s the only way or worst it’s the best way. So before we can retrace our steps back to reconnecting and reclaiming the divine knowledge that would set us free, we need to question ourselves and find suitable answers. And then we go out there and inspire others to do the same.  To inspire them to ask the same questions and then break free. The moment we start asking the right questions, then we know the road to the sacred is being paved.

Let us live inspirational lives. Lives that reflect the highest and noblest aspiration of man. In other words to have such an impact on our kind that long after we are gone into immortality we shall inspire the “authentic ambitions” of the seeds yet unborn. Why is this needed? I mean we can all go about living simple lives that don’t need all the hassles I’m talking about here. Right? However we need this because man was created to come and leave imprints upon the earth. To experience, create, harness and deliver the powers placed within him. All of the great teachings embedded within the spiritual traditions, affirmed this one fact: that the human being is a microcosm of the universe, that he is a reflection of all what he sees and have the power to manipulate that to his need and want. It’s a mighty betrayal of truth to suggest that we are no more than animals evolving from one desire and impulse to another. It’s also from the great lies of our existence that we are feeble creatures at the mercy of an all controlling God, who controls whatever man is doing, so in believing  this fatalistic creed we end up been dogmatic and senselessly follow rigid rituals, that slowly corrode our creative and rational sense. And this lie is one that has stifled one third of the human race for a long time.

We are the children of a loving God, who placed within us beautiful faculties to make the world a beautiful place. To create sacred institutions that support and enhance the greatest gift man has to offer to the world. To be loving and kind to all of God’s creatures. The mission has always been this simple: to serve the creator and His creation and not otherwise.  And to make it complex is to fall in the same error the founders of these false and depressing lifestyles fell into. Time to revisit once more the spirituality of the ancients and the path of the prophets. To inspire and aspire and rise above this illusion we created ourselves. To destroy with one might, this corporate greed that is wrecking our planet. Create a culture that values the traditional systems of decentralisation of the earth’s resources.

Lastly go out there and awaken the passion for a sacred pursuit within the hearts and minds of the people. Telling them beyond the gloom and the dark there is a way and a path and it is: a return and reconnection to our origin. 

“We must live in such a way that the splendor of our lives, the passion of our lives, and the beauty of our lives reaches out in a flame of divine passion that awakens the divine passion in others.” – Andrew Harvey.

Author: Alieu A Bah

(Immortal X)


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