GANU condemns coup attempt

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By Lamin Cham

The Gambia Alliance for National Unity, GANU, has issued a statement condemning the reported coup attempt announced by the Gambia Government last week.

The statement reads: “The leadership of GANU hereby condemn in the strongest term any attempt to change the constitutional order in the republic of The Gambia by any group or persons. GANU fervently believes in the principle of democracy and divergence of opinion and views and the free expression and assembly of people with different ideas all of which exist in The Gambia.


Therefore it is not only absurd but reckless for anybody to even contemplate of overthrowing the legitimate government elected by the people only a year ago. Giving that such an act can give rise to instability and retarding the progress the Gambia has already made in international standing, GANU stands by all decent people around the country and outside to condemn the coup plot.

Equally, GANU wishes to demonstrate its support to the President Barrow and his government against any attempt to subvert the will of the people through unconstitutional means and call on all to resist any such act”.