GANU vows to fix gov’t’s misplaced priorities


By Omar Bah

Sheikh Ahmad Tijan Hydara, secretary general of the Gambia Alliance for National Unity (GANU) has lamented the acute hardship the country is facing as a direct consequence of the government’s misplaced priorities and betrayal of the 2016 coalition agenda.

Addressing supporters on Saturday at a well-attended rally at Brufut Sutuba, Sanneh Mentereng constituency, Hydara told his supporters that Gambians did not vote in this government for them to inaugurate only road projects but to embark on reform programmes that would position the country on a trajectory of national development in all sectors, especially critical sectors like health, agriculture, education and youth employment.


He bemoaned the lack of competent and doable strategies to ameliorate the suffering of the people amid a global pandemic.

But Hydara informed the gathering that if elected, he would use his experience in state craft as a former long-serving civil servant and lawyer to help the country get out of the serious quagmire it has been put into by people who are only interested to win elections.

“Women of this country should realize that their role in such a mission to salvage this country from greed and incompetence cannot be overemphasized,” he said.

Other speakers at the rally harped on the slow implementation of the Barrow administration’s reform plans that have resulted into shifting priorities to so-called infrastructural development and mundane partisan politics with a clear aim to perpetuate themselves in power at the expense of much needed transitional justice agendas, civil service reforms, security sector reforms and constitutional reforms.

The rally was organized by supporters and sympathizers of the party among them, Kang-Kiling Kaffo, a prominent women group based in Brufut.

The rally witnessed another women group from Kartong village pledging their support to the GANU party and used the occasion to invite the party leader to organize a rally in Kartong in the near future.