“I’ll support GDC until my last breath”


By Saidou Baldeh

Hon Alhagie Sowe, the National Assembly member for Jimara, has told a GDC rally at in his constituency that it’s only death that can take him from the party.

It was recently widely rumored that Sowe may be contemplating joining the National Peoples Party of President Barrow.


Mr Sowe made an appearance at President Adama Barrow’s meet the people tour which raised eyebrows about his loyalty to the GDC.

But during this meeting, Sowe apologised to his party for any notion they may have about his loyalty. According to Sowe, he has no intention to join Barrow or his NPP.

”I want to tell the people of Jimara today that I am supporting GDC more than yesterday and I want to tell the delegation present here that people who are going around in Jimara spreading rumors that I want to join NPP, should stop spreading such lies. I am also calling on those who are saying GDC is dead to stop such rumours because GDC is here to unseat Barrow.

I want to tell NPP that money can’t buy me from GDC and it can’t also remove me from GDC and I will go with GDC until Mamma Kandeh retires and I and others continue with the party,” Sowe said.

According to Sowe, Mamma Kandeh is doing more for his supporters than President Barrow.