GDC rules out Barrow-Kandeh coalition


By Saidou Baldeh

Mamma Kandeh will never quit the GDC for an alliance with incumbent President Adama Barrow, the PRO of the GDC has said.

“A compound leader cannot give his house to someone else to manage. If Kandeh did that [quit GDC to join Barrow] he will be betraying the trust of his supporters and I doubt he will ever demoralise himself so low to that level,” Omar Ceesay said in an interview.


The Niamina East lawmaker said if there would be any coalition between the GDC and the NPP, Mr Kandeh will take the leadership role.

“Coalition with the NPP will only be possible if Mamma is to lead that coalition,” he added.

Mr Ceesay said it will be “extremely difficult” to enter a merger with a president who violated a gentleman’s agreement to step down from power after three years in office.

“If the Gambian people allow Barrow to win the next election, the citizenry will die of starvation and Senegal will control us more. We are living witnesses of the Senegalese soldiers’ intrusion into the country and even arresting our citizens, forcibly, before taking them to courts in their country. How many times did Senegalese soldiers shoot our own people in our country and nothing comes out of it?”

Mr Ceesay advised President Barrow to recuse himself now and return to his former estate job.

“A land seller will always be a land seller, so let the president resign and go back to land selling. That’s his calling,” Mr Ceesay said.