German gives to Kiang women


Mr Helmut Fricke, whose relationship with the villagers dated three years ago, had earlier on assisted the women’s group with the fencing of their garden. The present ation of the gesture was done in Kotu. 

Amie Ceesay Jaiteh who works with several women’s groups and helped create relations between the people of Kiang and Mr Fricke said: “They told me about their constraints. We visited the village several occasions and since then we have been helping them with their issues. Helmut is giving them D20, 000 to buy ten tins of seeds for their gardens and it would produce like tons and tons of onions for them.”

Mr Fricke Helmut said: “I have spent a lot of money on individuals and helped people with paying their school fees and education expenses, projects, hospital bills etc. We went to Kiang, saw what happened there and we thought we can help improve their garden.”