GMC advises gov’t to expedite security sector reform

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By Omar Bah

The Gambia Moral Congress has strongly condemned the alleged coup attempt and advised the government to expedite its security sector reform process.

In a statement shared with The Standard, the party said: “GMC condemns in the strongest of terms any attempt at unconstitutional change of government. We support The Government in its quest to get to the bottom of the reported plot and we urge the State to do so in full compliance with the Constitution and all relevant domestic and international human rights laws. While we join democratic forces in the Nation and beyond in seeking the consolidation of political pluralism in The Gambia, we call on all of our citizens to remain diligent and vigilant in protecting our nascent democracy.”


The party encouraged the Gambia Government to expedite and deepen necessary governance reforms such as security sector reforms, civil service reforms and Statutory Reforms, total overhaul of national security and defense architecture. “In all salient considerations, we must draw lessons and inspiration from our own internal political and economic history, as well as from recent political upheavals within the Ecowas Region. Complacency and business as usual would be unwise,” the GMC added.

According to the party, there are times in the history of a country when vision, patriotism and statesmanship must triumph over political chauvinism and chicanery.

“It is time to end the political ping-pong game, virile stomping on public political platforms, redundant verbal warfare and self-righteousness. The Nation’s interests must emerge supreme above all other considerations. The inability to recognize this basic principle by many leaders in history occasioned dire inevitable but avoidable tragedy and consequences,” the statement added.

The party stressed that the world has become “more dangerous, exacerbated by unprecedented global economic turmoil and The Gambia, like most countries, is not spared by its negative impact. Consequently, our Nation may be sailing in tempestuous winds brought about by a number of commissions and omissions, including the vicissitudes of the global order”.

“What is imperative now is not another acrimonious political discourse of belligerence, denial or selective justice but most fundamentally how do we safely dock at harbour. It is a time for Gambians, political leaders, citizens, civil society and our foreign allies alike, to strengthen the State, the legitimacy of Authority, State institutions and the sanctity of the Constitution.

“It is a time for broad base, non-partisan, genuine national political consultation, dialogue, consensus building and collective action. It is a time to demonstrate statesmanship, building political partnerships to unite and explore the vast energies and potentials of our peoples and radically change the trajectory. This is a time for sober reflection and conscientious action. The Nation needs to be reassured. The Nation needs to move on, together, with a renewed sense of contentious urgency,” the GMC statement concluded.