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By Omar Bah

Gorgi Mboob, Commander of the anti-crime unit, has been placed on administrative leave, police spokesman Superintendent Lamin Njie confirmed to The Standard yesterday.
“I can confirm to you that Gorgi Mboob has been put on administrative leave over the alleged attack on Ebrima Sanneh and an investigation panel has been constituted to look into the allegations,” PRO Njie said.

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Sanneh had alleged that he was beaten with a hoe by Gorgi Mboob who also allegedly ordered them to work on a farm. The news generated outrage among Gambians and concern among human rights activists.

The Standard understands that the investigation panel reportedly consists of members of the National Human Rights Commission, the Bar association, as well as the police.
Meanwhile Mr Mboob denied he ever tortured Ebrima Sanneh in an interview with a local online TV platform.

He went on:“Ebrima Sanneh was arrested together with other young people at the Duplex Night Club and the following morning when I reported to work, I found them there. I went straight to the field and started training with the tactical squad and after that, during our break I found him (Sanneh) sitting alone. I asked my men whether he was not part of those who were arrested and they told me he was but he is complaining of abdominal pain.”

He continued: “It was after that Ebrima Sanneh went to the TSU and claimed that I was the one who beat him up. The commander there called me and I was with Sowe at the time who accompanied me to the TSU but before we arrived, Ebrima Sanneh was already taken to the Sukuta Health Centre where he was referred to Serekunda General Hospital. There, a test was conducted on him and our officer who went with them to the hospital, called us to say that the doctor had seen nothing wrong with his urine bladder. But Sanneh kept complaining about his abdomen and at that point the doctor told him to go to the anti-crime and solve the problem with them because he cannot keep him there. Sanneh said he was scared to go back to the anti-crime after the allegations he made against us so he was admitted. We left our staff there to guard him because we were worried that he could drink something. He was taken for another scan but the officer who was with him called us to say they were not having enough to do the test. So I asked how much – he said D1000. I told him to take D1000 from the family members when they return, we will refund them. So, the second test was done and showed that nothing is wrong with his abdomen.”

He said people should ask Sanneh where he was weeding because they don’t have a farm at the anti-crime unit. “People are calling and accusing me of being Barrow’s General Saul Badjie. I am not a tool for Barrow. I am a tool for national development,” Mboob said.

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