Gorgui Mboob to be prosecuted


By Omar Bah

The government has accepted the TRRC recommendation to prosecute the commander of the Anti-Crime Unit (ACU), Gorgi Mboob for  assaulting and injuring Ousman Sabally during the April 10 and 11 student demonstration in 2000. The government also agreed to ban him from holding public office for five years. “The government accepts the TRRC recommendation to subject all those who were with Gorgui Mboob at St. Augustine’s High School, including Modou Lamin Fatty, Abdoulie Bah, Modou Cham and Modou Gajaga, to internal disciplinary mechanisms if they are still occupying public office and ban Baboucarr Sowe and Momodou Ceesay from holding public office for a period of five years,” it said.

The government also accepted the commission’s recommendation to pronounce April 10 and 11 as school holidays.


According to the Commission Jai Sowe, the Commanding Officer at Banjul Police Station, unlawfully authorised the supply of firearms and live ammunition to police officers including Gorgui Mboob, Yorro Mballow and Ousman Cham.

It added that officers Gorgui Mboob, Inspector Darboe, Modou Lamin Fatty, Abdoulie Bah, Modou Cham, and Modou Gajaga unlawfully entered St. Augustine’s High School in Banjul and fired a tear gas canister into a classroom full of students. “Following their unlawful entry into the school and total disregard for human life, Gorgui Mboob assaulted Ousman Sabally, a teacher, striking him with his baton and the butt of his gun causing him serious injury. Gorgui Mboob and his fellow officers unlawfully shot into a building at St. Augustine’s High School resulting in unlawful damage and injury to three students,” the TRRC said.

Ensa Badjie

Meanwhile, the government also accepted the commission’s recommendation to ban Ensa Badjie and Omar Jawo from serving in the security services or holding any public office in the civil service or government in general.