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GPU president to step down next month

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Sheriff Bojang Jr. has been leading the GPU since September 2018, and it has been widely believed he would go for a second term after the end of the current term. But contacted by The Standard, the Brikama-born journalist said he will step down at the end of October during the congress.

“It’s been a privilege and great honour to serve the media fraternity as President of the GPU for the past three years. But there comes a time when you have to trust others to continue where you stop”, he said.

The Standard has gathered that many journalists have been trying to convince Mr. Bojang Jr to go for a second term, but he ruled that out, saying “the GPU is bigger than me or any other individual, and there are other people who can preside over the affairs of the Union better than I did.”

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He added: “It’s been three amazing but tough years. I must confess I’m physically and mentally exhausted. And I need to dedicate more time to my family. This is a time to thank my colleagues for their trust and confidence and give way to a new president and team. With or without me and my team, the GPU will prosper.”

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