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Grand caucus for aspiring candidates wraps up

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By Tuti Bah

The University of the Gambia Debate Association Wednesday held its second grand caucus for the UTG-Student Union election slated for April 20.
The 2017 UTG-SU Election will be competed between Team Alpha, UTG Inter-School Alliance for Change and few Independent candidates.

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Ebrima Sonko, administrative secretary of the UTG Inter-Schools Alliance for Change said the 2017 agenda for the upcoming UTGSU General Election will be centered on the revocation of the new grading system, the ten percent increment on tuition fees, jobs and internship opportunities.
He also said it will be centered on reforming, restructuring, rebranding and reshaping the current status of the UTGSU.

“As a movement in the UTG, we have embarked on an enormous task to encapsulate nearly all major problems which affect the students of UTG,” Mr Sonko said. “We have a strong conviction, without a shadow of doubt that if this agenda is implemented, it will promote the interest and welfare of the students of the UTG and shall be herein referred to as AGENDA 2017”.

Abdoulie Sey, a third year journalism student, from Team Alpha said he is vying for the position of the secretary general in the upcoming UTGSU Election. He said his manifesto centers on the controversial grading system and accessibility to transcripts.
“Among my first priorities if elected as secretary general is to undertake a major constitutional reform of the Students Union,” Mr Sey revealed.

He added: “It is regrettable that the SU Constitution remains the same for seven years now even though it has major lapses and deficiencies.
“The constitution is the backbone on which the Students Union and all its executives derive their authority. The effectiveness of the SU depends largely on the vibrancy of the constitution.”

If elected, the young journalist who also works with the national radio, said he will make institutional reforms, improvement of sanitary conditions, empowerment of sub-associations, increment of budget allocation to sub-associations and expansion of the scope of the students union.

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