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GTTI director urges halt to ‘backway’ exodus


Speaking at the closing ceremony of a six-week training on waste management and basic entrepreneurship skills for 30 youths funded by the Spanish Migration Fund, Ecowas and the government of The Gambia, she said: “This occasion marks yet another milestone in the collaborative partnership between the government of The Gambia and that of the Kingdom of Spain to provide a productive source of livelihood for youths rather than venturing into life threatening endeavous using the back-way to Europe. The so-called greener pasture young people yearn for in Europe is right here at our door-steps as exemplified by the graduation of these young people today. This is another milestone in the struggle to prevent the youth from embarking on dangerous and life-destroying endeavours in pursuit of the so-called greener pastures using the back way to Europe”.

She added that youths should remain in the country and make good use of the numerous projects and initiatives the government has introduced while appealing to others who intend or plan to migrate to Europe to do so through the legal and safe way.

“This training is in line with the institute’s mandate of providing relevant and viable programmes that are sustainable, as well as forging beneficial partnerships with local and international partners. The ultimate goal of this training is to equip our youths in the requisite skills that would enable them to participate in the competitive local economic activities aimed at giving young people exposure to waste management by giving them an opportunity to work with municipalities. 

“It is   envisaged that the opportunity accorded to the participants would also enable them to lead responsible lives and contribute in the local economy. We are witnessing not only the creation of 30 new jobs, but the graduation of environmental awareness ambassadors who have been equipped and ready to serve their communities with unquestionable entrepreneurial skills”.

Bubacarr Jabbie, the founder of Operation No Back-Way To Europe, said of the beneficiary trainees: “They are trained to be productive people in this country and they have demonstrated that here. Some of the participants are female. In fact, all the females who took part in this training are members of Operation No Back-Way To Europe. I have foreseen something great for them in the near future. If they handle these motorbikes carefully and use them for the intended purposes I believe they can be employers and not employment seekers.”

A representative of the Spanish Embassy, Alfredo Gadea, said his government’s objective is to support The Gambia government in providing opportunities for young people in order improve their livelihoods in the country. 

“It is not only in this project; we are supporting the training of Gambians at the Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute and different other projects,” he concluded.


By Alagie Manneh


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