Gunjur Alkalorship crisis


Please kindly find me space on your widely read newspaper to thank and express my delight and appreciation to the authorities for their swift and timely response in filling the vacant seat of Alkaloship in Gunjur.The position had been vacant since November after the demise of the late Akali, Alhaji Sulayman Touray.

To begin with, I must commend the authorities concerned for their foresight in seeing the dire need of filling that position which was not only cardinal but crucially important to Gunjur’s development.

After testing, feeling and seeing the rapid development programmes undertaken in Gunjur during the reign of the former late Alkali, Gunjurians both home and abroad could no longer wait to see that continuing.


Thus, the swift response with a perfect candidate speaks volumes of the concern that the authorities show in promoting Gunjur’s development agenda. I must commend and congratulate them for that.

However, to the new Alkali Omar Gikki Darboe who is also my grandfather and whose resume is equal to the former Alkali in almost everything must know and get prepared for the challenges ahead in order to push Gunjur’s development to higher heights like his predecessor did.

Without a doubt, the Gikki I know is a perfect candidate for the position but must be prepared for the dire challenges ahead to settle Gunjur’s most crucial development challenges.

I would love to use this opportunity to commend but equally challenge our vibrant Village Development Commmitee to cooperate with the new Alkali in the interest of all 

Gunjurians and residents of Gunjur like they did with the former Alkali.

That cooperation they had with the former Alkali, without a shadow of doubt, has contributed immensely to the success of the community’s development agenda.

Gunjur youths and women must also not be left behind in any village development matter. The common interest of the community must supersede all and everything!


Alieu Mourinho Jabang,



The Standard must keep standards

Dear editor,


It is with a great sense of dismay that I write to express disappointment with The Standard newspaper for its pro-government bent since the appointment of its former Managing director, Sheriff Bojang, as information minister.

The Standard has always been known as a critical paper that writes and reports things as they are, but I am hugely disappointed that it never misses an opportunity to have Yahya Jammeh’s picture on the paper or as the lead story. I know it must have been a delicate balancing act for you to navigate through but that does not mean your readers have to lose value for money with less critical stories.

I recognise the feat you have achieved by still publishing articles about the opposition but I feel that you avoid more critical stories and could do better.

I am not being critical for lack of appreciation of the work you have done, but however fast a horse runs it sometimes needs a spur to make it run faster. That is exactly what I am doing which does not make me anti-government. I believe every Gambian deserves to have a vehicle to make their voices heard.

While assuming without hoping that you will publish this letter, I thank you  for always giving your readers space to express their opinion.


Lamin Kijera,