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GYIN Gambia ELIT 2018 to Focus on Agriculture Value Chain

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Press Release

The GYIN Gambia national youth summer camp on Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Information Technology (ELIT 2018) is designed with special emphasis on the agricultural value chain.
It will focus on the processing and marketing of crops and vegetables produce by young people as a model in the fight against poverty and youth unemployment.
The 3rd edition the ELIT summer camp is to take place from 9-18 July at Fass Njaga Choi, Lower Niumi District, North Bank Region, and will allow rural youths to demonstrate their abilities, plans and experiences in their various initiatives and ventures.

It is to be held under the theme ‘Broadening Young Entrepreneurs’ Mindsets on Value Addition’. Sixty (60) participants selected from across the six Agricultural Directorates in The Gambia are to take part in the camp supported by the P2RS-Building Resilience and the YEP projects.

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GYIN Gambia Executive Director, Mamadou Edrisa Njie, said the camp offers youth beneficiaries of the YEP Mini Grant and the GYIN Rural Youth Champions an opportunity to present their success stories.
“This is meant to inspire and encourage other youths to apply for the YEP Mini Grant Scheme and the National Agricultural Land and Water Management Development Project (Nema) Capital Stimulation Investment Fund (Matching Grant),” Njie said.

“The ELIT summer camp is a programme tailored for young people across the country, and it offers a platform for young people to learn practical skills that will help them become entrepreneurs, create employment, and ultimately transferring skills to others.”

Ebrima Bah, Chairperson of ELIT 2018, said the camp will serve as a peer knowledge sharing platform.
“It will give young people the opportunity to interact, discuss and review case studies on different aspects of life with a view to learn and adopt the models that suit their own progress,” Bah said.
“ELIT 2018 will give the young people the platform to express themselves and also use the latest information technology tools to advertise their businesses.”

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Jainaba Manjang, GYIN Gambia Head of Programmes, said application forms are available in all regional youth centres across the six agricultural directorates. She said young men and women are encouraged to apply especially those living in rural areas.
“Activities would take the form of presentations, pitching competition, individual and group presentations, field visits to successful entrepreneurs, agricultural sites and local weekly markets, sharing success stories of rural youth champions, and sports,” Manjang said.
The annual youth summer camp exposes participants to four exciting thematic aspects:


Entrepreneurship: Start-up venture, improve on your fledgling small businesses and hands-on business plan designing.
Leadership: Being a good leader, learn to lead even from the bottom of your organisational or community structure, and be inspired by success stories and experiences.
Information Technology: Bridging the digital divide, digital inclusion, hands on experience using digital devices, useful internet and digital security tips, and build your social media market presence.
Field Visits: Exposes participants to successful and inspiring business firms, agriculture and agribusiness initiatives.


About GYIN Gambia
The Global Youth Innovation Network Gambia Chapter (GYIN Gambia) is a national youth network operating across the country. The network focuses on rural development programmes in the areas of entrepreneurship, agribusiness, leadership, and information and communication technology through income generating activities. Recently, coaching and mentoring of rural youth on enterprise management has also been included in GYIN activities.

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