Halifa says Mai’s Kanilai statement ‘untimely’


By Omar Bah

The secretary general of People’s Democratic Organisation Independence and Socialism, Halifa Sallah, has said the June 2 shooting incident in Kanilai should be seen as Gambian matter and not an ethnic or Kanilai matter.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday at the PDOIS office, Sallah said since a life has been lost in the incident the natural thing was that a coroner’s inquest should have be done and its recommendations submitted to government. Mr Sallh said the incident should not also be seen as Barrow Versus Jammeh thing, maintaining that government should concentrate on addressing challenges of  the nation going into future and not on whether there is an attempt  at Jammeh’s second coming.


Mr Sallah further said the statement from Interior Minister Mai Fatty was untimely, because government didn’t establish the fact before coming to those conclusions.
“The statement that is expected from the government is a statement of reconciliation. A statement that will call on the people in the area to come together to discuss about the way forward to make sure the unity and reconciliation that is necessary is brought in Kanilai,” he said.

He said this will provide a way out to prevent the reoccurrence of such incidents. “If this is done we believe trust will be built and those who are arrested or under the threat of arrest will be reoriented.
“The assertion within Gambians that Kanilai is a threat to national security is over exaggerated.”
The PDOIS leader also took time to reaffirm that his relationship with the Coalition leadership is very good and has always remained good.