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Humility and modesty: the garment of the public official

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Humility and commitment to the ideals of democracy is something expected of every public official. A public official being a representative of the people in a democracy is nothing but an affirmation of the power of the people. I might as well add that this is always a point the president emphasises when inducting new officials to their various offices. 

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Closely related to the problem of arrogance in office is the issue of alienation from the masses. The leadership of any people when it’s in touch with the people usually doesn’t act in certain ways. If we look closely we realise that inherent in the principles of democracy is the need to constantly consult the masses while serving in a public office. It entails going back to the people and laying before them the successes and failures while envisioning a way forward. Through such practices, the alienation can be overcome and replaced by the spirit of service.

It goes without saying that the policies that are discussed and acted upon within the corridors of power affect the lives of people who vested those powers in the policymakers. So it’s only a matter of sanity to consult them every now and then and keep them abreast with what is happening in the policymaking process. Through that they can come up with proper ways and methods which emanated from the people themselves. This is the most effective way of fulfilling this noble task.

Transparency and accountability in the dealings and proceedings of all areas of government are also very key .Those issues must be safeguarded in the life of the people’s representatives. Democracy only became a popular choice of governance because it enhances the power of the people and the moral responsibility of the power bearers to the people. The democratic process is one rooted in accountability to the people and transparency in all of the services laid upon the public officer. Without these two virtues, democracy becomes nothing but another ideology that will not pass the test of time and will fail the common aspirations of people.

Looking at the primary source of our ethical and moral values like religion, we are reminded again and again that God loves those who are humble and modest in their dealings with their fellow creatures. The prophets of all religious traditions are characterised foremost by their humility more than anything else. So, as followers of the main Abrahamic religions .we are called upon to exercise those prophetic virtues and live in conformity with God’s law, knowing that He doesn’t like the arrogant. 

When all of these are put into consideration then the problem of arrogance and egotism will be eradicated. To be a public official is to be a servant of the people and this should not escape the officials who just assumed office. Serving the people can sometimes be daunting but when the purpose is to give back to the people, it’s worth all the pain.


Umar Faal



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