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By Yahya Barrow

Oftentimes, more is said than done. And the reverse is the apparent solution to humanity. It caught me wondering how injustice has plashed and spread across the globe like a running storm. Guest what? Even the little mother Gambia is not spared – horrible and horrendous stories time and time again.

It keeps reccurring to a degree that minds are no longer baffled and dazzled by such stories and happenings. We virtually became desensitised. Is injustice an innate phenomenon to man? Why has it plaqued humanity?

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In this era of human existence, we are faced with critical situations on daily basis. From media and other news outlets,  we read or hear stories that are not really befitting for any genuine individual to indulge in.

We live in a global village as we call it; hence requiring that we also become global citizens. Do not be unjust to them just because they don’t look like you, speak a common language with you, or think and perceive things differently. As heinous as it is, injustice tends to be one of the leading ills humanity is suffering from.

Not giving credit where it is due is itself an injustice. Did you ever question and ponder over your history? Why is slavery the most repeated and emphasized bit of our history? Well, I believe there is a trick there. They needed you to believe that you are from nothing and consequently you cannot be anything. Why is the phrenic civilization of ancient Egypt not frequently mentioned about in our history? Why is it that the achievements in Science and Mathematics made by ancient Egyptians are seldom talked about? 

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Guess what? You know of Hippocrates but never heard about Imhotep. That’s why in his writing, Chinua Achebe said, “Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” The leader of a political party and the parliament member of the people of Serrekunda East would say, the country is in debt so badly that our unborn children will have to continue paying.

Man, is it that my unborn Abdullah and Mariam will have to dance to the tune of the oppressor? Connect the dots here. The affluent nations would give us loans because we are poor. Yet, those loans would come with an interest that is even more than the loan itself. What a kind gesture and logic! No wonder the former Nigerian president, Obasanjo, had to say this, “All that we had borrowed up to 1985 was around $5billion, and we have paid about $16 billion; yet we are being told that we owe about $28 billion. That $28 billion came about because of the injustice in the foreign creditors interest rates.”

If you ask me what the worst thing in the world is, I will say it is compound interest. I am worried and concerned about what the next generation historians will read about us. Well, we have changed the narrative. We must regain our glory.

We all have a responsibility in order to bail ourselves from this predicament. But some have even more responsibility. Dear student of the University of The Gambia, certainly, you are attending the highest learning institution in the country. Therefore, people don’t expect anything less from you. Endeavour to be educated; not to be merely certificated. Do away from malpractice even if no one tells you. Be committed to your country and be constantly part of the solution.

Dear sister, you may be a slay queen. That’s fine. But in campus, remember that you are only a student. Who do you want to slay in campus? Please dress modestly and act morally at all times.

Be humble like Batuwo; and be legacy-oriented and gentle like Ba Sarja. Accept the natural flow of situations. That way, there shall be no injustice. Be principled and self-confident like Saul B, and be goal-focused and consistent like Flexy Bams. Be passionate and committed to what you do like Alincolm. Lastly and finally, be motivational, impactful and cheerful like S.O. Sillah.

Awwaa afokoteng.

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