Internet Society Gambia holds webinar on internet safety and encryption


As part of events to mark global encryption 2022, ISOC Gambia chapter organized a webinar / workshop with the theme: “ENCRYPTION FOR A SAFER INTERNET”

The event was opened by the Director for ICT at the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy on behalf of the Permanent Secretary, who was pleased to welcome participants. He said the theme is well fit for purpose, referring to encryption as a bedrock for cyber security to ensure our security. He commended ISOC Gambia for coming up with this awareness raising. He further acknowledges the growing use of technology in today’s digital age, which he said comes with challenges than ever with cyber threat and attacks growing in numbers and dynamic form such as terrorism, and dark web to propaganda and attacks. He further stated that at the level of the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy, they are very much aware of the importance of privacy and data security, which lead to the ministry championing the usage of encryption for privacy and Enhancing Technology (PET) as encore in the upcoming data protection and privacy bill which is expected to be table dat the parliament this year.

Other participants include: Deputy Permanent Secretary Ministry of Interior, head of IT at Gambia Police, head of IT University of The Gambia, Central Bank, IGF chairperson, among other heads of institutions and IT experts and students.


Speakers also included experts from the Africa Computer Emergency Response Team (AfricaCERT),  Africa Regional Internet Registry (AFRINIC), Africa Top Level Domains Organization (AFTLD), The Gambia National Computer Security and Incident Response Team (gmCSIRT), Internet Society Global (ISOC) and The Gambia Cyber Security Alliance (GCSA).

The President of ISOC Gambia in his closing remarks thanked all speakers and participants of the workshop. He shared that participants have all learned a lot from the sessions and believe it has inspired a call to action. He also thanked Director of ICT Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy for the great speech and participation as well as other stakeholders.