(introducing) Amina Manneh


Amina Manneh, 22, has cast off her miniskirts and tops and converted to ‘ibaadu’ when she read the Qur’an and discovered that God decrees it upon Muslim women to  put on ‘hijab’. 

But if she thinks the veil she dons can mask her beauty, she’s wrong. With petite body size, 154inches tall and fine textured skin, she cannot be more voguish in a different style. Minah’s trendiness in ‘hijab’ did not even escape the eyes of judges of the 22 July beauty pageant.

She said: “I live in Latrikunda. I am pursuing a degree in international relations at the UTG. I was inspired to do IR by my passion for diplomacy and to be more aware about current affairs. I also have an interest in entrepreneurship. As a women and child rights activist, I want to make this world worth living for women and children. I am currently working on a project to complement my platform at the Miss 22nd July Scholarship Pageant 2013-2014, where I emerged as 2nd runner-up. In five years, I want to be a successful entrepreneur.”


Her views about love relationship: “Trust is the backbone of an everlasting relationship.”