Introducing (Eboni Price)


I attended Wesley Elementary and MC William Middle School in Houston, Texas.  I went to T Washington Senior High, then went Prairie View A&M University before transferring to Langston University studying animal science.

I grew up around the rural areas in Houston so I choose to study animal science. I want to do a job that I love. I want to help The Gambia. When I came here I was exposed to a different environment. We have many natural resources here for The Gambia not to be developed as it should be. I want to come back to The Gambia during my master’s study and study here for a little bit. We came to get a better understanding of Africa. They have been telling us we have been lied to and so we came to find out the truth about Africa.

I am studying animal science in Langston University and I am in the Gambia currently doing an internship at Uncle Tee’s Poultry Farm in Jabang.


My philosophy of life is: Keep God first, family second, for the Lord shows favour to His child.