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Introducing (Haddy Jonga)


I am a third year law student at the University of The Gambia. I am currently working as an intern at the American Corner. I have been an activist advocating for the rights of women and children for many years. I have a passion for speaking for children .As a child, I used to be a shy and hardly associated with others. As I grew up, I realised that writing in a diary alone about how I saw  the world was not enough hence my  engagement in advocacy.

In my quest for a world fit for all children, I am studying to be a human rights lawyer and hope to work mainly on issues of women and children. I have worked for organisations such as Peace Ambassadors The Gambia, Voice of the Young and the National Child and Youth Advisory Board on Violence Against Children. At the moment I am working with organisations such as Think Young Women, Lend-a-Hand Society and The Balance.I also served as the Secretary General of the Gambia Methodist Academy Ex-Students Association (GMAESA).

This journey is one which I have no regrets embarking on. I would like to challenge everyone to always strive to put a smile on someone’s face because we never know how much pain that one smile can heal. 



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