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Introducing (Hurai O Njie)

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“I am 18 years old and a resident of New Jeshwang. I am a final year student of Nusrat Senior Secondary School. 

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“I have so much passion for not only journalism but anything digital. For journalism, well, I cannot remember vividly when I started building interest in the field. The profession appears so noble to me. I mean writing and informing the citizenry of current affairs, what could be sweeter than that. I have other areas of interest at heart but journalism stands out.”


So you are navigating  of professions? 

“Well, I am thinking of legal issues. If possible I wouldn’t mind being a lawyer and a journalist simultaneously.”


That would be like building castles in the air? 

“I know, if only killing two birds with one stone is possible.”



“Live your life the way you feel like living it. Look yourself in the mirror and say ‘I am ready to go.’ And also, I hate criticism. It deprives a person from pursuing what they believe they can accomplish.” 



 “I love watching TV, listening keenly to music and of course I love laughing. Who doesn’t?


Best friend:

“I have a very good friend and we have been friends for 9 years now.” 



Words by Alagie Manneh 


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