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Irregular migration inevitable – IOM Chief

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By Maimuna Sey-Jawo

IOM Chief of Mission in The Gambia has said that it is impossible to prevent migration or irregular journey, but said it can be “managed”.
“Migration is not a problem to be solved,” Fumiko Nagano said, “but a reality to be managed”.
She was speaking at a two-day convergence on messages development on irregular migration, funded by UK Aid. It brought together media personnel and other stakeholders to a local hotel in Senegambia.
The gathering seeks to provide protection, direct assistance and durable solutions to migration.
Speaking further, the chief of mission said: “We at IOM believe that migration is inevitable and necessary.”
According to her, migration is not a new phenomenon, rather, what is new is the increasing number of migrants, particularly irregular migrants around the world.

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“Priorities must be to save lives, protect the right of migrants and prevent them from undertaking irregular migration in the first place.”
She said the two-day forum will mark an important milestone in the roadmap towards awareness raising on irregular migration in The Gambia.

Nagano evinced a strong desire for the development of a quality and context-specific communication messages to create awareness on irregular migration.
British High Commissioner Madam Sharon Wardle thanked participants and tasked them to impart knowledge gained on others.

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