Jammeh hated me for supporting UDP – cousin


By Mafugi Ceesay

Yahya Bojang, a cousin of former President Yahya Jammeh yesterday told the TRRC that he was arrested and electrocuted by the NIA for supporting UDP over APRC.
The witness said he is often looked upon with great spite by his fellow Jola tribesmen for supporting what they called a Mandinka party (UDP) over a Jola party (APRC), noting that his tribesmen saw him as foolish for failing to support Jammeh who is his cousin.
He said Jammeh, who is a son to his aunt, has no respect for anyone, and also lacks discipline.

“It’s only me and the late Shyngle Nyassi among Jolas who supported UDP then, and because of this we suffered a lot of harassment by our fellow Jolas who could not understand why we did not support the APRC which they said is a Jola party.
“The UDP is Yahya Jammeh’s poison because he had always believed that he will be removed from power by UDP, so it is UDP supporters who are imprisoned and castrated by the Jammeh government.”


Narrating his arrest, Mr Bojang recalled being told by his children and companions that some police officers and soldiers have been asking about him.
But he said he told them that he has not committed any crime.
He said one morning, whilst he was going to the market, a cyclist spotted him and reported him to some soldiers. He said the soldiers asked him to follow them to Brikama police station.

“I refused but I was gun butted and forced to enter the back of a truck with no number plate and I was whisked away to the NIA.”
He said at the NIA, he was escorted to Abdoulie Kujabi’s office, the then NIA director who came out with a pack of cigarette and told him that he (Kujabi) cannot like anyone who did not like Jammeh and he (Bojang) will die for failing to do so.
The witness said soon after that, he was stripped naked and splashed with water before being electrocuted by NIA operatives.

“They electrocuted my private parts, tongue, my left and right armpits and asked me to press the wires under my armpit. The torture continued for one week at Bamba-dinka where I was kept in total darkness. He said he could not see or change his sitting position and suffered a great deal at Bamba Dinka.