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Jammeh not surprised with Seedy Njie’s resignation

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By Omar Bah

The interim leader of the opposition Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction, Fabakary Tombong Jatta, has said that former President Jammeh is the least surprised about the resignation of Seedy Njie.
Seedy Njie, who served as Information Minister under Jammeh during the political impasse, recently switched allegiance to President Adama Barrow to the surprise of many Gambians and APRC loyalists.
But according to Fabakary Tombong Jatta, Jammeh is neither baffled nor surprised about Mr Njie’s decision.
“I spoke to Jammeh about it and it was not a surprise to him because remember even in his presence many of his appointed cabinet ministers and militants left him while he was still in office,” he told The Standard in an exclusive interview yesterday.

He continued: “You know, one thing amazing about Jammeh whenever I speak to him about such issues, he will ask me to make sure that the APRC party militants do not destabilize the peace and security in this country. This is just to tell you, he is not concern about other things but Gambia.”
Still on Seedy Njie’s resignation, FTJ said the difference in people is that some will stick by you whether it is good or bad but others will change gears and go if things are no more sweet.
“That is the difference between people and I do not blame people for shifting, even though I will not want to do that because I believe moving here and there does not make you what you should be. People must be grateful and be honest,” he said.

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FTJ said Seedy Njie’s decision to leave the APRC has surprised many Gambians “but as I always say, nobody should think that without him/her the APRC or any other political party will not move.
“Be assured that nobody can hold the party to ransom. We appreciate what Seedy has done for the party and we wish him well in his endeavors.”


Cabinet reshuffle
Commenting on the recent cabinet reshuffle, FTJ said President Adama Barrow has the prerogative to appoint, sack and reshuffle whenever he desires.
“You see the president does not owe any obligation to anybody on why he appoints or sacks government officials. He is just relying on the same legal provision that Jammeh was relying on to appoint and sack people,” he added.

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He said as far as the APRC is concerned, they have no problem about the reshuffle. “My only concern is that the president should appoint people with confidence that can provide services for the Gambian people because despite all the talks about him, Jammeh used to appoint people based on their expertise and not political affiliation.
“But again I am not surprised because I knew from the start that the Coalition was not working as a team,” he concluded.

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