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Janta B band to launch album soon


By fatoumatta dukureh Janta b band is one of the most outstanding bands in the Gambian music industry. The ban has been in music for years now and they are preparing for their third album early next month Below is a short Q&A we had with Ebou Janta B, one of the vocalists of the band: Tell me something about the band Janta B band is a band which was formed in 2002 but then it was not very strong due to some reasons. Now we stand on our feet to make janta b part of the best bands in the Gambia. When did you start and what is the membership? I started music in 2000. I first joined chameleon band before forming my own band. I was there for like 9years. I was the vocalist there before I moved to Janta B. Where do you usually perform? I do play in the hotels sometimes but is not the full band. We play acoustic or trio, we also perform in programmes like naming ceremonies and weddings. Any singles or albums? Of course we have released an album in 2002 and working on one now called YAKARR which will be coming out soon in early next month. The album is containing eight tracks. What problems is your band facing? We are facing some difficulties as music is very difficult. The productions and promotions are not easy especially when you don’t have enough resource. This is why we now going to companies to help us with sponsors so that everyone can get what we are doing. Do you have a manager? Yes, I have. My manager’s name is Amadou Jobe Would you like to work with other Gambian artists? Sure, I’m planning to have a combination with Barhama. The track is part of the album and I want to work with many as well. Are you under any label? I am not yet under any label but planning to join them soon. I have even started working on that already. How do you see Gambian music? Alhamdulillah, the music is moving forward because then and now is very different. The Gambian music is now seen as international music which we were not even expecting, thanks to the almighty What genre of music do you do? We do afro beats, salsa and ndanga because our fans are not only youths we are also having elders who are really supporting our music. So this is why we are trying to satisfy them too as salsa was part of their best music. Final words? I’m thanking my fans club and my fans out there so very much and am urging them to have patience because music is not easy. They are the very reason why we doing all the sacrifices we doing to please them and let them know that janta b band is here for them today, tomorrow and forever. We need their maximum support; let them all come out and support us on the 10th of March.]]>

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