By Tabora Bojang

The opposition GDC National Assembly Member for Jimara has confirmed to The Standard that he has not yet defected to the National People’s Party despite his presence at the president’s meeting in Sotu-masare.  According to Alagie Sowe, he is in consultation with his people on the matter before formally declaring whether he will go.

As defection of politicians from opposition GDC continues, including its former national president Dr Demba Sabally and sponsored Kuntaur Area Council chairman Saikou Jawara, reports surfaced online this week that Sowe has also joined the NPP.


However, Sowe said it is not right for anyone to suggest that he has shifted allegiance to the NPP at this stage. “I was elected under the GDC ticket so if I am to leave the GDC, I think it is important to do consultations and I request for them to give me the time to make consultations,” Sowe said.

The lawmaker, who has been a strong critic of the Barrow administration, expressed shock over remarks by Jimara chief Alhagie Kanimang Sanneh to declare at the meeting that he [Sowe] has joined the NPP.

“I told them that if I was going to shift allegiance, it would not be at this meeting but I will have to consult my people and from there, I will call a general meeting and announce my defection,” Sowe said. 

Asked what would happen if his people disagreed with his proposal, Sowe responded: “I will stay and continue with my party because the majority carries the vote.”

Asked what impressed him about Barrow, Sowe said: “Actually, he is doing very well especially in Jimara. Since independence, only four communities have electricity but when he came, within four years, he extended it to six other communities and I believe joining the NPP would help me better serve the needs of my people. It is important to see the best interest of Jimara.”

President Barrow, when addressing the meeting, urged Sowe to follow the footsteps of Jimara natives like Saihou Mballow, Prince Sankano and Dr Demba Sabally who have joined him.

“It is a shame that he [Sowe] should be opposing me as a president when we have all hailed from Jimara. If it does not embarrass him, it does to me,” Barrow told the people of Jimara.