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Journalists reject NPP’s ‘insincere’ apology

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By Alagie Manneh

Online media platforms Gambia Talents TV and Jamano have rejected an expression of regret issued by NPP deputy spokesperson Seedy Njie on behalf of the party. 

The apology followed an assault on journalists Malick Cham and Pa Ousman Joof of Jamano and GTTV, at the swearing-in ceremony of Banjul mayor, Rohey Lowe, last week.

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The journalists said they were attacked by supporters of the NPP, forcing the party to issue a public apology, but the journalists said it was insincere.

“I’m not accepting the apology of NPP because it does not represent what I feel it should,” Pa Ousman Joof, who is also the head of GTTV told The Standard yesterday. “When I called for a press conference last time, I demanded an apology from the NPP and the president. I saw their statement in which they are apologising, but they did not mention both me and Malick’s name. [Therefore] we both are rejecting their apology simply because they did not mention us by name.”

The journalists said they were slapped, beaten, and injured by NPP supporters although the ruling party has said it could not verify those claims.

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Mr Joof said that was their second reason for rejecting NPPs apology as the party failed to own up.

“They are defending themselves from this group of thugs who in every way, shape, or form resemble NPP,” he said.

The ruling party also said in a statement that it will engage the two journalists and the GPU to address the matter.

But Mr Joof said that there was no official communication between them and the NPP since the incident on Wednesday.

“They are not working with us in any way, shape, or form. Until this minute [Monday morning], we did not officially hear from them,” he stated.

The two journalists were at a police station in Banjul yesterday to follow up on the matter. They said that they are seeking  prosecution of the case.

“Justice delayed is justice denied,” said Alhagie Mamat Janha, the proprietor of Jamano medium. “We have been here for a while now but it is very hard even for the police to tell us something that we can rely on. But that is not going to make us surrender or retreat.”

The Standard has been informed that the matter has also been reported to both the US Embassy and NHRC.

In a statement last week, the GPU called on the authorities to ensure the perpetrators are brought to book.

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