Justice Ikpala, ex-Principal Magistrate Abeke in $200M suit against Gambia gov’t


By Bruce Asemota

Former high court judge, Joseph Ikpala and former Principal Magistrate Hilary Utebi Abeke together with two former chief Judges of The Gambia, Justice Emmanuel Akomaye Agim and Justice Joseph Wowo are included in the suit filed by the former legal luminaries against the Gambia government at the Ecowas Court of Justice in Abuja, Nigeria.

According to credible sources, each of the applicants sued the Gambia government asking for the sum of $50 million each.


The quartet claimed that the TRRC heard evidence against them during the commission hearings without inviting them to respond and hear their own side of the story.

The applicants claimed the TRRC report was against the rule of fair hearing and natural justice, done in bad faith and a defamation of character.

Meanwhile, the Gambia government has rejected the TRRC recommendation on the former Nigerian judicial officials after publishing its White Paper.

However, the suit filed by these four legal luminaries is still before the Ecowas Court of Justice awaiting their response as to whether to file for withdrawal of the suit or  not.