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Juwara advises Barrow to honour 3yrs

By Amadou Jadama

Lamin Waa Juwara has urged President Adama Barrow to honorably step down after completing the three years agreed by the Coalition parties.

Juwara, a veteran politician who once served as minister of local government under Yayha Jammeh told The Standard that even though he was not there when the agreement was made, it affects the whole country and therefore it is everyone’s business.

“Therefore my take is for him to honour that agreement. In fact there is no need for people to take to the streets to demonstrate against Barrow for him to step down.

He could simply step down as promised or people will come together in the next election to remove him as they have done with Jammeh.

I am very jealous of the peaceful nature of change that the country started in 2016 and so I would not like to see a confrontation that will disturb that peace,” Mr Juwara said.

He however observed that if Mr Barrow has any new reason to want to continue, example to complete his development projects, all he needs to do is call a dialogue and he will get what he wants peacefully with everyone’s understanding.

“Equally we should not think or consider demonstration as the only solution. There are always people with bad intentions who may not have liked the 2016 changes and are waiting for any any situation to fish in troubled waters and create the impression that the whole system has failed,” Juwara warned.

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