Kaba Bajo slams Pa Nderry’s ‘lies’


Writing to his friends on a social networking site, Mr Bajo commented: “My attention has been drawn to a recent publication on “Freedomnewspaper” regarding my alleged expulsion from the Tour by HE, the President. I never wanted to respond to such stories but I think my silence will also not help some of you. In this regard, I wish to inform you that the story is a fabricated and malicious lie of the highest order. I have never been anywhere near the recently concluded Dialogue With the People Tour, even though I would have loved to join and fully play my usual role. Unfortunately, as you are all aware, I returned home with the family a few days after the tour took off and I was busy settling down with the family – putting the children back to school and sorting out certain family and personal matters amongst others. Hence my inability to join the tour which I missed a lot.

“I am sure most of you have heard of my presence as announced by both GRTS TV and radio at the opening ceremony of the International Roots Festival in Banjul. Be informed that I was also at the “Futampaf” (the Jola initiation ceremony) in Kanilai as part of the Roots Festival during which I had the opportunity to greet and shake hands with HE, the President.

“Based on the foregoing, I beg you all to take the Freedom story as yet another hate-and-smear campaign against decent patriotic Gambians. I leave the editor/author and his collaborators to battle with their conscience, and I wish to remind them that Allah is watching. Finally, be reassured that I am doing very well and life for me is very normal and peaceful. May Allah continue to guide and protect us all.”