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Kandeh Threatens To Sue Anyone Claiming GDC Joined UDP

By Omar Bah

Mamma Kandeh, the leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress, has issued a stern warning to people telling GDC supporters that the party has been mortgaged to the UDP.
Addressing party supporters in Jimara over the weekend, Mr Kandeh complained: “There are rumours circulating by people from President Barrow’s political propaganda camp that I am now with the UDP and therefore GDC supporters should join President Adama Barrow since GDC is now with the UDP. This is false and misleading and we will be ready to take legal action against anybody making such misleading claims about our party.”

“Even if we were going to have an agreement with the UDP, we would not be scared to disclose it. It would not be revealed by people from the Barrow Youth Movement because that will not be their business. We would come out and tell Gambians. But as of now we have not signed any agreement or whatsoever with the UDP. The Barrow camp is just using it to campaign but they are lying,” he told supporters in Tumana, Kular.
The GDC leader said it is the same tactic used against him in 2016 when he was accused of working with former President Yahya Jammeh.

“But this time around anyone we found spreading the false propaganda against us will be brought to book. I want to assure everyone that this does not mean GDC is better than any other party. I am just saying that for now, we are not in any alliance with anyone but if that happens we will be the first to announce it. I am not speaking out because I have anything against the UDP, but I want to end politics of deception,” he added.

Kandeh also accused Barrow of being dishonest to Gambians during his State of the Nation Address, during which he said the Gambian leader claimed credit for the construction of the Senegambia Bridge, Laminkoto-Passamass and Sotoma-Gambisara roads.
He said the Gambisara road was completed well before the 2016 election while claiming that both the Senegambia Bridge and Laminkoto-Passamass road were under construction when Barrow came to power.

“Barrow has no justification to claim credit for these projects and all he has done so far is lay foundations. The politics of deception will stop in this country. I want to assure you that they will stop the politics of deception because whenever they tell you things that are not true, I will come out to rebut them,” he stressed.

The GDC leader also advised the police against denying his party a permit in the future.
“I want to tell the IGP that I am Gambian like President Barrow and no one has a right to deny our party permit. The GDC is founded by law and no one can deny us our rights. We just want to give him respect but he should not push us to the limits. Let me remind both him and Barrow that they will go one day,” he said.

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