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Karantaba youths’ plant over 200 trees


By Amadou Jadama

The Unity Club Association of Kiang Karantaba, in collaboration with Green UP Gambia, recently embarked on a massive tree-planting exercise in the village community forest park.

The 285 trees were planted to replace the lost trees in order to regain the forest cover.

The president of the association, Buba Fatty, said Green Up Gambia donated 100 trees to the association, while Manduary donated 150 trees.

He said the association was formed in 1996 and is registered with the aim of consolidating unity and strengthening the relationship between the young people of Karantaba while contributing its quota to the development of the village.

“We have realised that the Gambia is losing its forest cover, and we taught as an association that we can also contribute to resurrecting the forest,” he said.

Mr Fatty advised the community to protect the trees that are planted.

Speaking earlier, Ousainou Gambia, program manager of Green UP Gambia, disclosed that it is a tradition for his organisation to embark on an annual tree planting.

“So, we try to partner with youth organisations like Karantaba as a serious youth association that has been operating since 1996″. “By looking at the nature of their forest, they are trying very hard to ensure that they cover for the lost trees,” he said.

He said Green Up Gambia will continue to plant more trees across the country to meet its 1 million tree planting targets.

For his part, Lamin Demba, the secretary general of the Unity Club Association, thanked Green UP Gambia for supporting the association in its drive to resurrect their village forest.

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