By Omar Bah

President Adama Barrow has told the people of Kiang they no longer have any reason to remain in the opposition, as he launched the Indian government funded US$22.5 million electricity expansion project in Kwinella on Saturday.

“I know some people are still beating their chest claiming Kiang is their home but I don’t want the opposition to beat their chest again to say Kiang is their home. You being in the opposition is over – you have done it for 22 years. That is enough. Now it is your government that is in power and we will do whatever you want. Just don’t allow anyone to mislead you again. Don’t go forward and allow someone to take you backward,” Barrow said at the inauguration event held in Kiang Kwinella.


The people of Kiang, a stronghold of the United Democratic Party, and beyond turned out in large numbers to witness the ceremony which was described as a turning point for the district.

Barrow said he was happy that all “those who came here are from Kiang because we don’t move with crowds. I never receive a massive welcome like the one I received here.”

“To say your surname is Barrow, Suso, Sanyang or Darboe doesn’t make you truthful to your words. What makes you truthful to your words is fulling the promises you made. Today, I have fulfilled the promise I made to you and even if I die today, I will be comfortable in my grave,” he said to the rousing cheers of hundreds of spectators.

The Gambian leader also promised to electrify the whole Kiang and the entire country before the end of his second term.

“Kiang will have all what it was deprived of over the past 50 years under my leadership. My government will not segregate against any region or district in this country because whether one likes it or not, I am the president of all Gambians,” he said.

Turning to the inauguration, Barrow said the historic event is a confirmation of his government’s sincerity to its promise of change, and its devotion to developing the entire country through the National Development Plan (NDP).

The president said the occasion is “one of a series of similar events signifying that, without a doubt, my government rejects discrimination, and it is a government for all Gambians, all regions, all districts and all communities”.

“In consequence, we will continue to reach out to all marginalised and disadvantaged communities as we progress with our development endeavour. We have one common interest that envelopes the whole nation as a united and prosperous family, bound by a common destiny,” the president said.

The president also announced he will be giving a new ambulance to Sibito health center.

The project implementation started in 2017, and it covers 77 communities, 14 of these are in Kiang, and 63 in the West Coast Region targeting 5000 meters in Kiang and over 20,000 meters in the WCR.