Koroma urges Gambians to forgive each other


By Omar Wally

President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone has said that The Gambia can easily move forward when Gambians forgive and forget about what happened in the past 22 years.
“Sierra Leone has come a long way in building reconciliation of people. It is a very difficult moment and a difficult thing to do but, when you are guided by the fact that you have no country but The Gambia, you must focus on moving ahead,’’he said.

Koroma who will step down as president of Sierra Leone in March 2018, said on Friday at State House. He said the issue of the past should be forgotten and Gambians learn from the lessons and make sure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated.


President Koroma said the Gambian leadership is committed to building a new direction that should be the kind of hope Gambians should have. “In Sierra Leone, we had institutions like Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which was set up in which people came out and said the truth about what happened and asked for forgiveness. When moments like this are presented and Gambians have the opportunity forgive and forget, I think The Gambia can easily move on,” President Koroma said.

He said the political landscape of The Gambia has been opened up and when there is sincerity coming from everybody, the best thing for The Gambia is to move forward.
“In The Gambia, there is lot of new hope and beginning, therefore, Gambians have to focus on moving forward,’ the Sierra Leone leader said.