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Let’s rename APRC-Njaba Kunda Councillor

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By Juldeh Njie The APRC ward councillor of Njaba Kunda ward, Central Baddibu District in the North Bank Region, Lang Bala Sawo has said that the former ruling party will need a total rebuilding if they will have any chance of gaining grounds in the upcoming elections. Speaking to The Standard recently, Sawo said given the now daily revelation of the alleged serious crimes committed by the Jammeh administration in the past 22years, the APRC will struggle to attract people unless it is totally reformed, including renaming the party. “If we rename the party, it will be established on the bases of democracy, freedom and peace. I can assure you that all those who voted for Mamma Kandeh are APRC supporters and if we can reorganize ourselves we will regain those supporters in the not too long distance future,” he said. He continued: “I personally will recommend that we rename the party before the parliamentary election. This will enable us to apply if not total cure, but a minimal cure of the wounds left by former President Jammeh’s regime”. He said if the APRC is seriously changed in focus, name and direction, it can make good use of the great development record it has to bounce back in style. “Though the country has lost some valuable things including lives during Jammeh’s regime, which resulted in the party’s defeat in the 1st December presidential election, no one will dispute our contribution in the country’s socio economic development,” he explained. The Councilor also welcomes President Barrow-led government decision to form a truth and reconciliation committee, saying “If this committee can work diligently it will be for the interest of national unity”. “What we need as APRC loyalists is to come together and reorganize ourselves, rename the party and forge ahead. As you know Yahya Jammeh used to tell us that he is not a politician, so APRC will represent the new faces that are coming,” he said. He added: “The APRC left a bad legacy, as such we are urging all APRC supporters to remain vigilant and try to unite ourselves. We cannot cure the wounds, no, but if we unite ourselves we will surely prevail”. “I urged President Adama Barrow to continue reunifying Gambians and I also call on him to consider women in his cabinet,” he concluded.]]>

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