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Letters: Even under Yahya Jammeh corruption was discreet; now it’s in the open

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Dear editor,

First, early last week, Omar A Jallow (OJ) made a statement to the effect that Adama Barrow was obligated to the 3 years term. Even though that caught many by surprise, because it seemed to contradict a statement he made a while ago, this time he was saying what many are thinking and saying.

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This time, he’s right and the Coalition needs to meet and address this problem of Adama Barrow sidelining every Coalition leader to position himself in a normal party leader and head of government role.

And that said, I have to express incredulity in what I read on social media regarding the parceling of a disputed piece of land in Yundum village.

It’s said that National Assembly members are to be allocated parcels of land for themselves. This is beyond what anyone expected.

Not it’s corruption part, but the fact that it’s so blatant, is shocking.

But the very idea that National Assembly members would congregate in a piece of land seized from the village of Yundum seems ridiculous at best.

In the short space of two and half years, the Gambia National Assembly, has returned to form as an institution corrupt to it’s core.

National Assembly members are elected to work for their constituents and the Gambian people, it’s been evident for a long time that their personal interest supercedes their constituents’ or the public interest.

The entire government machinery is being corrupted by Adama Barrow, to help in his stranglehold of power.

The same Gambian character subsumed by the novelty of Yahya Jammeh’s departure, is again resurfacing with a vengeance like we’ve never seen before.

At this point, I wonder what the role of SSHFC is in light of these revelations. But, land grabbing, even under Sir Dawda, was discreet, not anymore.

It’s open season for politicians and civil servants to loot, plunder, pillage Gambia’s meager resources.

Mathew K. Jallow

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