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Letters: Gambia’s uneven justice

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Dear editor,
As a Gambian military officer, during the Yahya Jammeh era, one Baboucarr Bah, admits to torturing a former Sir Dawda era cabinet minister, Omar Jallow (OJ), the human rights violations of that sad chapter of Gambian history are slowly coming to light. The proverbial onion is being peeled off to unveil the horrors of that time. But, this also puts the TRRC in a desperate position, which is at odds with the Gambia’s legal system, as the Commission seeks to find answers to a story that no country should experience.

In particular reference here is the uneven justice in full display for everyone to see.
This particular case of the OJ’s torturer begging for forgiveness and mercy, is a case in point. Mr Bah continues to serve in the military, even after such inhuman cruelty.
Another case in point is NIA 9, suspected in the murder of Solo Sandeng. The NIA 9 belong exactly where they are, behind bars, as their case drags on in the judiciary. But, if justice is to be dispensed equally, then the murders of Ousman Koro Ceesay, Deida Hydara, Daba Marenah & Co, Sgt. Illo Jallow, the executioner’s of the 9 Mile 2 prisoners, should all be either behind bars or freed until the state is ready to try them.
It is not that those listed above, as in the case of Solo Sandeng’s murderers, who are in prison awaiting trial, are not already well known to the public. They are. Justice must not only be done; it must be seen to be done.

Mathew Jallow

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