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Letters: The epitome of African personality

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Dear editor,

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This week marks the 47th anniversary of the Kwame Nkrumah’s death. His dream for a unified Africa is more relevant and necessary today than ever before!

Until then the rest of the world from America to Europe to China to Iran to Saudi Arabia to India to Brazil and many more shall continue to exploit and benefit from Africa’s resources and people at the detriment of Africans.

Until then blind and corrupt leadership shall continue to characterize African societies as local oppressors and exploiters plunder Africa’s resources with impunity while denying citizens opportunities and freedoms unendingly.

Until then the rights and lives and dignity of African people shall continue to be disrespected and violated inside and outside Africa by both local and foreign oppressors and exploiters.

There is no excuse whatsoever for a single African to be so poor and hopeless that only the idea of fleeing to other places outside of Africa is seen as the final and only option.

There is no reason why one single African village or street should lack electricity.

There is no reason absolutely why a single African man, woman or child should die from a preventable disease.
There is indeed no excuse why an African woman should die in giving birth to a baby African or that baby should die before attaining her 5th birthday.

There is no reason in anyway why a single African child cannot enjoy free and high quality education from Kindergaten to University!

Africa has the resources and opportunities and overall capacity to produce the most advanced democratic society in the world in our life time. But Africa continues to be the wretched of the earth simply because of shameless, corrupt and blind leadership who are followed and worshipped by an unconscious, selfish and indifferent majority of the masses!

Time to stand up for Africa!!!

Madi Jobarteh
Boraba Village

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