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Letters: Re: Un Urges Gambia To Legalise Same- Sex Marriage

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Dear editor,
I read the unfortunate statement from the United Nations urging the Gambia government to legalise homosexuality. I wonder which holy book of Allah encourages mankind to practice such an inhuman act.

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The Gambia comprises both Muslims and Christians only and none of these religions or books tells us to practice such.
I will also urge the UN to tell Allah to bring down a book where He will direct mankind to practice same-sex.

Furthermore, a news publication was aired over the radio that said a UN Gambian representative has urged the Gambian government to compensate victims of the 22 years governance of His Excellence President Yahya AJJ Jammeh, who had done tremendous efforts to develop the Gambia to be an admired State without the international community’s support.

The caption reads: UN GAMBIAN REP URGES THE GAMBIA GOVERNMENT TO COMPENSATE VICTIMS THAT HAD SUFFERED DURING THE 22 YEARS OF JAMMEH AND TO DELIVER JUSTICE TO THE VICTIMS. I thought it would have been wiser for the UN Gambian representative to call on all Western countries to first compensate all African countries that had suffered slavery, compensate family members of our great grandparents who were physically and mentally tortured not for a crime but just in the name of slavery.

Example, Kunta Kinteh and many others were captured, marked their bodies with hot metals from fire for the sake of identification, locked up in a very small and tiny hold with a very small window for a little ventilation, where his head couldn’t be pushed out; a place that not even a pig will be kept.

Kunta Kinteh was seriously tortured; his toe chopped off, and forced to change his name from Kunta Kinteh to Tuby.
I further urge the same UN to shamefully set up a Human Rights Commission that will investigate the atrocities committed by their parents or great grandparents in the so-called name of slavery.

Isn’t it sad and shameful that our great grandparents died in their hands and yet they were not buried by their own relatives, nor were they buried in their native countries, were their remains sent for proper burial in Africa?
Oh was it not democratic to compensate Africans whose relatives were subjected to such inhuman treatment?
The so-called democrats claimed to be preachers of democracy and good governance to African leaders, despite calling some of our leaders dictators and undemocratic.
We used clean water to clean ourselves but not tissue papers, isn’t that democratic and hygienic? I urge the UN Gambian Rep, and UN itself to compensate us for all the inhuman treatments by the so-called slave Masters.
We the patriotic and concerned citizens of The Gambia will not encourage same-sex and the prostitution of our ex-government servants for the sake of Democracy.

Ansu Badjie

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